Equipment Leasing For Small Businesses

Today, more small businesses are turning to leasing as the preferred way to purchase the equipment they need to help their business grow. Leasing lets you get the tools and equipment you need now, without having to tie up your cash or spend valuable time looking for conventional financing.
Our specialized leasing agents offer our valued customers the following:
♦ Equipment leases from $10,000 to $200,000 each
♦ Flexible Monthly Lease Repayment Terms
♦ Quick & Easy Approvals within 48 hours

Equipment Leasing For Small Businesses

Today, more small businesses are turning to leasing as the preferred way to acquire the equipment they need to help their business grow.
Leasing lets you get the tools and equipment you need now, without having to tie up your cash or spend valuable time looking for conventional financing.

Why Choose Westana


At Westana we know that the rigid terms and policies of larger institutions prevent you from accessing the financing you need. That’s why we developed our small business financial solutions package, combining easy access to leasing for both buyers and sellers with a range of traditional and non-traditional financing solutions.


We also know that small business owners need fast answers. We pride ourselves on being customer focused and responsive to your needs. At Westana you can expect fast approvals, quick turnaround and financing that is custom-designed for your unique business needs. We never put you in a box.


Westana Equipment Leasing Inc. is proud of the relationships we have built over the past 25 years with our investor partners. Many are long-term supporters who enjoy the flexibility of our investor program and who have come to rely on the professional team we have assembled to attract quality business.


From 1991 to 1994 Westana was a broker of lease contracts for a number of institutions in Western Canada. In 1994 the Westana Group was created and began building its own lease portfolio. We have now grown to be one of the largest privately funded leasing companies in Alberta and continue to meet the needs of small businesses.

We Serve Business Owners in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, N.W.T. & Yukon


Industries We Serve

farm equipment leasing

Farmers only have a certain window of time each year to work their fields and harvest their crops, and they depend on reliable equipment to make that happen. If their machinery doesn’t work or they don’t have the right equipment on hand, they can find their crops deteriorating along with their profits.

Leasing farm equipment, dairy equipment, or other agricultural equipment is the ideal solution for any business’s needs.

At Westana, our goal is to make the agricultural equipment leasing process effortless for farmers, so they have the right equipment available when they need it. We offer flexible leasing options for a broad range of agricultural equipment.

Please note, we do not provide agriculture leasing solutions for Saskatchewan residents.

construction equipment leasing

If you’re a general contractor, self-employed construction worker, or a construction business owner, you understand having the right equipment at the right time can give you a significant advantage in a competitive marketplace.

Earth moving, excavating, laying asphalt, deploying sand and gravel and other types of construction require a need for costly heavy equipment. Leasing this equipment means you can preserve cash while still having the equipment required to get the job finished.

Westana understands that the right construction equipment, tools and supplies are a vital part of ensuring you provide your customers with top-quality work that’s completed on time and budget.

health and beauty equipment leasing

The health and beauty industry in Canada has experienced massive growth over the past few years. The number of salons and spas has rapidly increased and the marketplace has become increasingly competitive. Customers in this sector also expect your business to have the best and newest equipment available for them to use.

If your health and beauty equipment doesn’t work or you don’t have the right equipment on hand, you can find yourself losing customers to your competition along with your profits. Leasing health and beauty equipment is the ideal solution that will allow your business to move ahead of your competitors and meet your business goals.

industrial equipment leasing

If you are running an industrial company in Western Canada, you know that having the right tools on hand at the right time can keep your business profitable and competitive.

However, purchasing industrial equipment can make a real dent in your company’s cash and credit reserves and is a time-consuming process.

That is why more companies in the industrial sector are choosing to lease equipment over purchasing. Leasing allows your business to preserve valuable cash and credit lines and get the equipment you require today, which in turn means your business can stay ahead of your competition.

oil and gas equipment leasing

If you are running an oil and gas business, you understand having the latest equipment on hand allows you a significant advantage as the industry becomes more competitive throughout Alberta.

As the scope of services involved with the gas and oil industry continues to expand, and new technological breakthroughs are introduced it is crucial you have plenty of working capital on hand. If you own and operate a small or mid-size business in this highly competitive industry and require the right equipment, you can do so without having to take out a bank loan or line of credit.

small business equipment leasing

With over 30 years of experience, we look at leasing the same way you do; as a tool that allows you to acquire the small business equipment financing you require, to ensure your business goes beyond your competition and becomes more productive.

We truly believe that equipment leasing is a smart business move for any company. And we practice what we preach, by financing just about any type of equipment you would require, in almost any industry. Westana is happy to work alongside just about any type of business, big or small, brand new or well established, and provide them with flexible, no-hassle leasing options.

IT equipment leasing

In this modern age, it’s impossible to operate any kind of business without having quality IT equipment.

As important as it is to ensure the day-to-day functionality of a business, the cost of acquiring the most up-to-date technologies can be downright prohibitive for many small to mid-size businesses.

Whether you have one location or multiple locations across Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba NWT & Yukon, Westana can offer you IT leasing options that fit the needs of your business and your budget. And because we are not associated with any particular vendors or manufacturers, you are free to lease any brand of equipment you like.

Transportation equipment leasing

Whether you need a new truck, used truck, one truck, or a fleet of trucks – Westana understands you rely on all kinds of vehicles to keep your business moving forward.

Owners in the transportation business understand the importance of having the right vehicle at the right time. They also understand that transportation is an expensive business asset that is better to be leased than owned.

Westana are specialists in the truck leasing business; we structure all kinds of transportation leases, new or used, big or small, based on the requirements of your business.

Opportunities For Brokers, Vendors & Investment Partners

Equipment Leasing For Brokers

At Westana, we have flexible lease programs that have been designed by professionals to meet your particular business needs. Whether you need a new computer, modern office furnishings, or industrial tools and equipment, we can help you acquire it. We assist businesses both big and small and can arrange leasing for all types of equipment.

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Agriculture Equipment Leasing
Vendor Equipment Leasing Program

Leasing has become the preferred way for many small businesses to acquire equipment. The Westana Vendor Lease Program is designed to help you attract new customers and sell more goods. Let us take care of the credit searches, approvals, and all the necessary paperwork, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

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Health & Beauty Equipment Leasing
Financing For Growth

At Westana, our goal is to make the equipment leasing process effortless for Canadian business owners, so they can get the equipment financing they need when they need it. We have over 30 years of experience to call on; that ensures our skilled team of experts will find you the best possible lease solution to fit your unique business needs.

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