How it works?

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Step One:

You have an idea
or you’re expanding

Find the right equipment you need for your business from the equipment dealer of your choice. If there are specific equipment options you require, be sure to record them, along with their prices and any other specifications.

Step Two:

Call 780-416-4880
or email us

You can call us, complete our online form, or download the form and send it to us by email or fax. Once we receive it, we will get the application process started for you right away.

Step Three:

We receive your request
and contact you within 48hr

One of our leasing specialists will follow up with you to learn more about your specific equipment needs and determine the best leasing options for your business.

Step Four:

We find the best equipment 

for your needs

We will find the leasing option that is best suited for your business, from a range of proven of equipment lenders. Upon approval of your lease, we’ll coordinate with your equipment dealer to notify them payment is on the way and make sure they deliver the equipment to you promptly.

Step Five:

your equipment

Pick up your equipment and head to work.

Email Applications:credit@westana.com or Call our Leasing Specialists: 780-416-4880

More Information

Today, more small businesses are turning to leasing as the preferred way to acquire the equipment they need to help their business grow. Leasing lets you get the tools and equipment you need now, without having to tie up your cash or spend valuable time looking for conventional financing.

At Westana, our goal is to make the equipment leasing process effortless for Canadian business owners, so they can get the equipment financing they need when they need it.

We have over 30 years of experience to call on; that ensures our skilled team of experts will find you the best possible lease solution to fit your unique business needs. Our entire equipment leasing process can be broken down into five easy steps, ensuring you will quickly and easily get the equipment financing you deserve.