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Our History

Make a request on our website and we’ll make sure to get back to you by e-mail within 15-30 minutes from the time of the request during business hours.

Our Principles

Since our inception in 1991, we have committed to meeting the needs of small businesses by adhering to two principles:


We recognize that small business owners need flexible financing solutions. At Westana, we know that the rigid terms and policies of larger institutions may prevent you from accessing the financing you need. That’s why we developed our small business financial solutions package, which combines easy access to leasing for both buyers and sellers,with a range of traditional and non-traditional financing to help your small business grow.


We also know that small business owners need fast answers. We pride ourselves on being customer focused and responsive to your needs. At Westana, you can expect fast approvals, quick turnaround and financing that is custom-designed for your unique business needs. We never put you in a box.

The Westana Difference

While Westana’s leasing programs can help your business grow, sometimes you need more. We know that obtaining traditional financing can be a difficult and time-consuming process – particularly if you are a new business or your business doesn’t seem to fit in “the box” that traditional lenders use to define companies.

That’s why we developed our small business financial solutions package. We offer you an opportunity to get the right financing to meet your unique business needs. Flexible financing that puts the needs of your business and your customers first.

Westana’s small business focus and personalized service means fast approval and quick turnaround for your company’s financing.

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At Westana Equipment Leasing, we specialize in putting together customized equipment leasing solutions that will keep your business moving forward.

We offer our valued customers the following:

♦ Equipment leases from $10,000 to $200,000 each

♦ Flexible Monthly Lease Repayment Terms

♦ Quick & Easy Approvals within 48 hours

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Download the application form below and email us at credit@westana.com.

Should you have any questions about the process or simply want to inquire about our services, please call us at 1-780-416-4880 and one of our leasing specialists will be in contact with you shortly to help find the best equipment leasing solution for your business.

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