IT Equipment Leasing

In this modern age, it’s impossible to operate any kind of business without having quality IT equipment.

As important as it is to ensure the day-to-day functionality of a business, the cost of acquiring the most up-to-date technologies can be prohibitive for many small to mid-size businesses.

Whether you have one location or multiple locations across Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba NWT & Yukon, Westana can offer you IT leasing options that fit the needs of your business and your budget. And because we are not associated with any particular vendors or manufacturers, you are free to lease any brand of equipment you like.

Our number one goal is to take the headache out of leasing IT equipment for small business owners, ensuring they have the right equipment when they need it, where they need it.

The benefit of leasing your equipment over buying is that it lets you do more with less. It stretches your available budget and allows you to grow faster while also taking advantage of the latest technology that becomes available.

From computers, workstations, data storage units to servers and routers, we work with you to truly understand your business needs and offer flexible leasing options for a broad range of IT equipment. Westana are specialists in the truck leasing business; we structure all kinds of transportation leases, new or used, big or small, based on the requirements of your business.

Advantages Of IT Equipment Leasing

There are a number of significant benefits that come from leasing your IT equipment rather than buying it outright:

Keep Your Working Capital Intact
If your IT equipment lease is structured correctly, you will still maintain your credit availability as the lease does not have to be considered a direct liability on your financial records. Leasing your IT equipment through Westana does not stop you from borrowing from other sources.

Fixed Rate Financing
Fixed monthly payments allow for accurate budgeting and forecasting.

Inflation Friendly
Leasing beats inflation. You will continue to pay the same fixed rate even as inflation costs rise year after year, ensuring you will have more cash on hand to keep your business moving forward.

Hold On To Your Cash
Rather than buying your IT equipment up front, you only need to make one stable payment to finance a lease, meaning you have more cash on hand.

Pay For Only The Equipment You Need
Leasing equipment gives you more flexibility; lease and pay for the specific IT equipment you need only when you need it.

Your Company Never Gets Left Behind
As new technology emerges, you can keep upgrading your IT equipment without going through the hassle of trying to sell your old equipment, ensuring your company stays up to date as your lease comes to an end.

What You Can lease

Regardless of the kind of IT equipment you need, Westana can help. We offer leases on the following equipment types and more:

  • Computers
  • Workstations
  • Data storage units
  • Servers
  • Routers, networks, and switches
  • Point-of-sale machines
  • Mainframes
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Copiers

At Westana, we understand the importance of ensuring your business has high-quality IT equipment. It allows you to run the most productive and efficient business possible. Having the best IT equipment on hand is a smart business move, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of tying up your working capital.

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♦ Flexible Monthly Lease Repayment Terms

♦ Quick & Easy Approvals within 48 hours

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