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Vendor Lease Program

The Westana Vendor Lease Program is designed to help you attract new customers and sell more goods.

How? By giving your customers an alternative way of paying for their purchase.

Leasing has become the preferred way for many small businesses to acquire equipment. It gives them a manageable monthly payment and doesn’t affect their existing credit lines. In certain cases they can write off the payment against business income without affecting their balance sheet and can better manage their cash flow.

For more than 25 years, Westana has worked closely with equipment vendors and increased their sales by providing tailored equipment leasing solutions that benefit both the vendor and their customers’ business needs.

Close More Sales

For your business it means increased opportunities to close sales. Look around and you may see many of your competitors advertising a lease alternative. From a buyer’s point of view the sign that says ‘Lease me for just $249 a month’ is a powerful incentive to buy the equipment they need today rather than down the road.

Leases To Suit Your Needs

Westana specializes in ‘small ticket’ leasing. Typically, we lease equipment starting as low as $10,000 and ranging up to $500,000 with flexible payment terms that can be customized to suit your customer’s needs. Applications are easy and we take care of everything else.

Consider the following leasing industry statistics:

  • 85% of all companies lease equipment;
  • 89% of those companies will lease equipment again in the future.
  • 75% of all companies seeing leasing as their average-to-best means of financing the equipment they need.

Working closely with Westana allows you to offer all your customers easy leasing options that eliminate financial barriers for expensive equipment purchases.

Not only will offering your clients a low monthly payment option help you close more sales, but it can also boost future equipment sales, by bringing your sales team into regular contact with customers for lease renewals and upgrades.

What We Lease:

Some of the most common equipment we provide leasing programs for includes:

  • Agriculture
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Office and Technology
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Restaurant Installations
  • Industrial and Machine Shop Equipment
  • Light or Heavy Duty Construction Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Equipment
  • Trucks, Trailers
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care

Become a Vendor and Experience How Westana Can Increase Your Sales

We can develop a leasing program that is customized to meet both your needs as well as the needs of your customers.

Fill in the form to the right or contact us using the information below and learn more about how Westana’s experience and expertise can help your business.

Phone: 780 416 4880
FAX: 780 416 4881
Toll Free: 1 866 416 4880


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